Contradictions of the ISSIL.

Since they do not have sufficient rooting between the Iraqi or Syrian population, to leave their temporal positions does not suppose abandoning the habitants to the armed enemy. The habitants of the occupied areas are not gained for the Jihad or holy war. These settlers are frightened, threatened and, at least, neutralized, in order that they give cover, subsistence and support to the jihadists bands and neither hinder, nor importune them in their activities. Only those that they cooperated with the » Enemies of the jihad » can be in danger before them. When they occupy a population, especially in the periphery of the Islamic State, the jihadists always prepare the evacuation routes towards the suburbs, and of retreat, from these to the established nearby meeting points. To escape from them to the reception or of occupation regional positions.

When they are liberated of the jihadists, many habitants, specially in the hamlets, try to flee temporarily and to shelter in the nearby major populations. The reason is that the imperious, inconsiderate and hammering despotism of the jihadists, is joined by the heavy fires of their enemies, used during the capture of the population. Both the military men and the rebels major groups (fundamentally the peshmergas) prefer avoiding their losses and hurrying up the evacuation of the jihadists, using the aviation and artillery, if they have it. Even, the free flight rockets with hollow load like the RPG-7V (an artillery of the poor), thrown in double or triple volleys, cause a devastating effect in the masonry or adobe buildings. This already would serve to make to withdraw towards downtown, the jihadists security forces from their anticipated positions, placed in the limits of the population or in adjacent points. And already finally, the Syrian army usually moves back soon, to realize other attack missions. So, the constant, fluid and up to reversible character of the military operations. Then, the jihadists can return and purify responsibilities. Because of all this, many civilians think: «once, but not more».

The decision, aggressiveness and the scorn to the death of the jihadists has given them military advantages over the lay rebel opponents. And his activity and significance is increasing in the military Syrian opposition panorama. In several Syrian provinces, as Raqqa or Deir al Zor, they have displaced the Free Army of Syria and have «settled» as the only operational rebel force. In December, 2013, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria assaulted the headquarters of the Supreme Military Council of the lay moderate political opposition, in the frontier Turkish city of Bab al-Hawa and plundered the arsenals and depots. And the combats between rebels have been constant in the mountainous Kurdish regions during 2.014. All this took the USA and Great Britain to progressively suspending all kinds of military support to the Syrian rebels. For fear that parts of the proportionate means and supplies and reinforcements for the FAS, like the sunni commands trained in Jordan, lead to the elevation of the Western enemies.


Al-Baghdadi immediately established the Sharia, as civil and penal law of the caliphate. So, all the women, even the shops manikins, were forced to cover their faces, for not appeal the men with sinful suggestions. His Islamic courts apply the death sentence to different practices considered criminal, as the Muslim women’s rape, the homosexuality, adultery and blasphemy and some cases of thefts. The unfaithful or heretics people (Christians, yazidis, shiites, mandeos, etc.) that do not turn to the sunni Islam (initially they thought to make pay the Christians some exaction for the ISSIL), are violently chased. This way, successively, their houses are marked, their goods, seized, their wives, raped and their children, murdered. The pursued suffer summary executions and are taken as hostages, to collect rescues. There have been denounced of persons’ decapitations that deny to the conversion, including women and children, and the exhibition of their corpses in the public squares. This unleashed a religious genocide specially in the Iraqi areas of the rotter caliphate, which has provoked a massive flight of persons of the minorities towards the neighboring countries, Turkey, Jordan and The Lebanon, generating a refugees’ serious problem in them.

In his zeal for obtaining the adhesion of new followers, the ISSIL looks at West. His preferential aims are the deceived young persons, mentally unmotivated and ideologically, not educated in the virtues of the European civilization. And spoiled and overfed in our mercantile and materialists countries, who have turned all the desires into needs to be satisfied by the markets. This way, the IISIL spread at the end of May of 2.014 the first edition of a weekly magazine in English, the «Islamic State Report» and a video in German, but subtitled in English. In this one, a western jihadist, praises Baghdadi, the leader of the ISSIL, announces as «good news … the return of the Sharia and the Islamic State» and openly asks their sympathizers to come, «and join the ranges» of the ISSIL. The Islamic State Report tries to give an idea of the increasing degree of institutionalization that is acquiring the Islamic State in his bases. The publication gathers an interview with the person in charge of the formation of the new clergymen of this territory, the sheikh Abu Hawraa al-Jazaairi. That indicates that they already have educated dozens of them in a new educational center and that they have prohibited the presence in the mosques of those that they do not study in it.

The «Islamic State Report» published months ago an ironic and sensationalist article: “ Patrolling with the Protection of the Consumer Office». And Abu Salih al-Ansari, in charge of the specialized unit in verifying that food is not sell in poor condition, or that do not adjust to the islamist directives of the ISSIL, warns that a telephone has been enabled to attend the public complaints… Constantly they give images in the social networks of the daily life in the caliphate and spread videos with hostages executions, as response to what they consider the aggressions of the Crusaders. Also, the IS calls his sympathizers in the world to perpetrate individual and isolated actions in the enemy rear. Immediately after the air offensive of the Coalition, they called to commit outrages against the citizens’ life of the countries that form part of her. It is calculated that in March of 2.015 already there are in Twitter more than 40 thousand operational accounts of jihadists, with propaganda and proselytizing eagerness.

The Assault to a Universal Civilization.

Already in the summer of 2.014, after Mosul seizure, the IS began to destroy the heretics temples of the Islam. And presented a video, announcer of the barbarism who would strike on all the territories that rules the Caliphate, titled: «The destruction of the unfaithful sanctuaries and statues in Nineveh (province)». Where without mercy appeared the blowing-up of the shiites and sufis mosques of the city. In all that, al-Baghdadi‘s jihadists emulate with more efficiency, insanity, extension and giving themselves up the blind mullah Omar‘s Taliban. That in 2.001 destroyed with dynamite, because their direct heavy fire was not effective for their technical dimness, both Buda’s giant statues, of 37 and 55 ms. height, in Bamiyan’s mountain, Afghanistan, which were Cultural Heritage of the Humanity.


Following his wild run towards the human sewer, the al-Baghdadi’s bearded at the end of February tackled against the images, statues, bas-reliefs, busts and coins with effigies of the old Mesopotamic cultures. Mosul’s Archaeological Museum was going several years in restoration, to overcome the hurts suffered after the first War of the Gulf (with the repression of the Kurdish revolt) and the insurrection against the American occupation. In it were hoarded great collections of historical art, proceeding from 1.800 archaeological deposits that surround the city, where were standing out the remains obtained in the Assyrian cities of Nimrod and Nineveh. There were statues of the Assyrians kings, a collection of winged lions or bulls, bas-reliefs and friezes showing activities of the daily life, as hunting, and a great statue of Lammasu, his protective god, with body of lion or bull, wings of eagle and human head. In London already has been detected the arrival of a hundred of small pieces, ceramic, coins and crystals, plundered in Syria by the jihadists. Always will exist collectors capable of buying the stolen material, justifying themselves in that «if I do not buy it, another one will do».

But, all these objects were gathered, preserved and hoarded from the beginnings of the written History by the successive habitants of the «Great Mesopotamia» and the «Great Syria». That were turned to the Islam when the Muslims conquer the Sasanian Empire around the 644. Between these settlers are included the primitive Muslims, the pious ancestors of the Islam, the examples to be followed by the Islam of pro, rooted traditions and orthodoxy. That are the models who presume imitate and continue the salafists jihadists of all the epochs. And that form the «group of the ancestors», formed by the Prophet, his companions and the first 4 sunnis caliphs, known as the Rashidun or «straightly guided by Allah». How do they dare to try to destroy what They preserved? Armed with hammers and working maces and radial saws and dressed like messes, working with zeal, we all have seen the videos distributed by them, announcing their deeds and to frighten the foreign people, in the television newscasts.

The most affected places, placed in Mosul’s surroundings, were the ruins of the Assyrian city of Dur Sharrukin, Nineveh, Nimrod and Hatra, the capital of the Phartian kingdom between 247 and 226 B.C. This one was declared Heritage of the Humanity and is included from 2.010 in the list of cultural sites on the verge of extinction by the Fund of the World Heritage, due to the plunders and the lack of protection by the Iraqi government. Impotent, the Iraq government asked the Security Council of the UNO on Friday, the 6th of March, help to preserve all this historical heritage of the humanity, attacked with impunity by the IS. It is of worth indicate that Nimrod is half of way between Mosul, left also to driven to despair by the Kurdish Iraqi peshmergas, when the IS attacked her at the beginning of last June and Erbil, the capital of these. And never the “Kurdish warriors” tried to counter-attack the lightly escorted squads of wreckers of the IS. One sees also that the general James Terry and his American expedition for the formation of the new Iraq army, who came in November of 2.01, go with some delay in their missions. Oh, how easy the al-Baghdadi mujahidins are motivated, trained and fight!! Also, the Mosul’s Christian legacy was a goal, months ago, for Allah’s brainless. That attacked the Chaldean and Syrian orthodox cathedrals of Mosul, two fundamental symbols of the Assyrian Christian inheritance. And the ISSIL immediately replaced the crosses in the exterior of the temples by his black flags with the Shahada.

In parallel and without continuity solution, the hallucinated jihadists attacked also during February of 2.015 the Mosul’s libraries, the third city of Iraq (the second is Basra, with almost 4 million habitants) and the most important in the hands of the IS. For them, for books already have the Noble Koran. And other texts are creations of the human mind, alien to Allah. First, was plundered Mosul’s Central Library, where they extracted from the shelves between 2 thousand and 8 thousand books (according to the different reliable sources that inform us) and took them in a dozen of vehicles and opened light trucks. In the principal racks only Islamic texts stayed. After the theft, the jihadists demolished with explosives part of the principal building of this knowing temple, to condemn it for his activity and rendering useless it for this infidel use. Then, they assaulted the library of Mosul’s University, where burned hundreds of profane books (science, philosophy, literature), in front of his pupils summoned for that witches’ sabbath. Also were object of pillage other known libraries of the city, like that of the Latin Church or that of the Monastery of the Dominicans Friars, whose books also were withdrawn without been destroyed, in vehicles. The university texts were of common use and were handled, but other stolen writings are of major value and are destined for the marketing with international venal buyers. A person in charge of libraries in Mosul calculated that the losses and the thefts concerned more than 112 thousand books and manuscripts preserved in them.

Everybody wants to be in the «Islamic State».

Though without having the operational unity of the irregular forces of the ISSIL in the territories of Syria and Iraq, in other countries of the Muslim wasp’s nest of Southwest Asia and the Maghrib, spontaneous and emotional regional adhesions have arisen for the first sunni Caliphate of the third millennium. Lacking of military operational action unity, it is a question of some «ideological emotional bonds», arisen from the zeal to belong to something more than to a terrorist diffuse and profuse Network, with distant commands and without the feet in the Arabic immediate and desert land, as it is with al-Qaeda.

In Libya, almost irreversibly crushed between the hundreds of local, regional and semi nomadic tribes, spread for his 1.760 thousand Km2. of surface, exist 2 great enemy groups who were disputing the favor of the tribes and that were operationally stagnant. In Tobruk, in the Cirenaica, resides the Libyan government recognized by the community international and supported by Egypt and Saudi Arabia. And in Tripoli, which occupied her in August of 2.014, the «rebel» government of the Libyan Dawn coalition, with high islamist presence, which denies again and again to have links with al-Qaeda, and that are supported by Qatar and Turkey. And this is the original humus, the favorable environment, the fertilized ground where once and again we see that appears and prospers the poisonous, stinking and purulent virus of the salafists jihadists: the social chaos and fracture.

This way, on Wednesday, the 18th of February, the IS local groups occupied the important city of Sirte, placed in the gulf of her name, between Tripoli and Benghazi, the capital of Cyrenaica. Sirte is also Muammar al-Gaddafi’s natal city, whose death 4 years ago initiated the decomposition and the total clash in the country. To celebrate it, the jihadists, which are not bombed here by the Obama’s Coalition of the 60, realized an impressive parade of victory and force. Hundreds of jihadists and sympathizers realized a power exhibition in the streets of the city, where paraded the «battalions» of their irregular infantry and dozens of light armored gunned transport vehicles (type, light opened van) with mujahidins, that were accompanied and greeted with cheers and acclamations by the habitants during their tour for the city. The government in Tobruk did not react to these facts and the «rebel» limited himself to make advance towards Sirte, without other intentions, the Misrata’s «brigade», placed at Sirte’s northwest. This way, the Islamic State in Libyan version has managed to hoist his black flag in Sirte, in Derna, a fishermen town with 50 thousand habitants of the Cyrenaica, where his tribal militias already swore loyalty to al-Baghdadi, and in other minor enclaves of this country, where it began to appear in force.

In Nigeria, the Boko Haram’s fighting chiefs are usually the familiar or tribal chiefs, their local leaders. They attack forming a «swarm» of small units that act simultaneously or successively, coordinated by a «combat chief». This primitive, tribal, «free» character, does that among the regional chiefs exist rivalries, which prevent a vertical integration of the terrorists. His tactics and methods are: all kinds of ambushes; the harassment at certain distance of marching units and garrisons; the liquidation of sentries and small patrols; the harassment to the supply and communication lines of the military and the local self-defense forces; the sudden attacks against small garrisons; the capture of hostages of all classes with varied aims: to execute them, to sell them, to incorporate them into his ranges, to obtain the price of rescue; the execution or mutilation of the enemies or elements that hinder them: journalists, collaborators of foreign organizations, local authorities, religious. They take advantage to the maximum of his knowledge of the ground, of his high mobility, of the people support and of his natural fighting capacit. These bands always plan their retreat from the action zones, because, though they are fanatical and does not matter too much for them to die, it is not in their goals to be immolated deliberately for the Cause.


Shekau, called the black Ben Laden, is a controversial type at the eyes of the westerns, included his own name, Abu Baker Shekau, because their followers called him Darul Tawhid. He was born approximately 40 years ago in the wide zone between the south of Niger and the North-East of Nigeria. His formation is not known, but he knows the Koran and speaks the tribal languages of the zone (kanuri, fula, hausa and Arab) where the terrorist band operates. He fluently uses the means of the propaganda and the fear. He repeats Ben Laden’s theatrical bits (to raise the finger as a sign of threat towards the cameras, to his lookers) and mounts an equal staging (black flags, Kalashnikovs and Korans) in his appearances to the enemy means. One of a major declarations he did, was in a video taken after killing 180 persons in 2012: «I enjoy killing anyone that God orders me to kill, the same I enjoy killing hens and sheep». It is said that he is solitary, introspective and cruel. And is distrustful up to with his own men. He lives protected by a close loyal group, in the style of Ben Laden, and remains away from the majority of the group. Always, in these more or less chased principal commands, is inevitably developed the paranoia, which ends up by altering their cognitive and emotional functions. One of four wives of Mohamed Yusuf, executed in a police station in 2.009, which was his predecessor and the founder of Boko Haram, has returned to marry Shekau, according to the Nigerian intelligence. Nobody knows who finances him. Not only he is a mystery for West, but for many of his sectarian companions. He was given for dead in 2009, 2012, 2013 and 2.014, but the information was incorrect. He has a bullet wound, already recovered, in the leg. Now, he only goes out to outside the cloudy days, to prevent to be located by the drones or the spy satellites. The USA offers $7 million for the relevant information that leads to capture him.

In a qualitative jump in his terrorist activities, Boko Haram kidnapped in the middle of April 2.014 270 Nigerian girls in a Chibok’s school, at the northeast of Nigeria, which whereabouts are still unknown. These fanatic rebels are called themselves «the disciples of the Prophet for the spread of the Islam and the Jihad», that express «Jama’atu Ahlis-Sunnah Lidda’awati Wal Jihad”. «Boko Haram is a serious threat for Africa and for Europe. His will is to destabilize the north of Nigeria, the neighboring countries and the whole region», declared François Hollande in the high-level meeting celebrated in Paris on Saturday, the 17th of May of 2.014, on occasion of the terrorist escalation. «Boko Haram already is not a local group, but he is clearly operating as an arm of al-Qaeda in the center of Africa. Without the help of all the countries of the African west, we will never be able to win him», declared, in turn, the Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan. The Nigerian government possesses 20 thousand soldiers, planes and intelligence units deployed in the North-East of the country, where Boko Haram is more active. But, «these troops are not prepared to face an armed group with these characteristics», Indicated the British secretary of Foreign Affairs, William Hague. Nigeria and his neighbors Cameroun, Chad and Niger realize «coordinated patrols» to look for missing persons and hostages and to control the traffic of weapon, in the frame of the Commission of the Lake Chad’s Basin.

Three devices exploded in Maiduguri, at the North-East of Nigeria, on Saturday, the 7th of March of 2.015. It was the worst assault to the city realized by militants of Boko Haram, which try to occupy the population from ends of January. It is confirmed that approximately 58 dead and 139 injured have taken place in the explosions that shocked the city. So cruel like al-Baghdadi, but more histrionic and higher stoned than him, Abu Baker Shekau has seized this opportunity and the consequent merits, for declared himself a subject of the Islamic State on Sunday, the 8th of March. “Baya” to the caliph of the Muslims, proclaimed Shekau in an Arab recording. The “baya” is the loyalty oath and submission to a religious politic Islamic authority. And several islamic, but minor groups, of the whole world have given already his oath of loyalty to the caliph of the IS.






El Ataque a una Civilización universal.

Ya en el verano de 2.014, recién tomada Mosúl, el EI comenzó a destruir los templos herejes del Islam. Y presentó un vídeo, anunciador de la barbarie que sobrevendría sobre todos los territorios que enseñoriase el Califato, titulado: “La destrucción de los santuarios y estatuas infieles en Nínive (provincia)”. Donde aparecía la voladura inmisericorde de las mezquitas chiíes y sufíes de la ciudad. En todo esto los yihadistas de al-Baghdadi emulan con más eficacia, vesania, extensión y entrega a los talibanes del ciego mulá Omar. Que en 2.001 destruyeron a la dinamita, porque el fuego directo pesado no les fue eficaz por su torpeza técnica, las dos estatuas gigantes de Buda, de 37 y 55 ms. de altura, en la montaña de Bamiyan, Afganistán, que eran Patrimonio Cultural de la Humanidad.

Siguiendo su desenfrenada carrera hacia el sumidero humano, los barbudos de al-Baghdadi la emprendieron a fines de febrero contra las imágenes, estatuas, bajorrelieves, bustos y monedas con efigies de las viejas culturas mesopotámicas. El Museo Arqueológico de Mosúl llevaba varios años en restauración, para superar los daños sufridos tras la primera Guerra del Golfo (con la represión de la sublevación kurda) y la insurrección contra la ocupación estadounidense. En él se atesoraban grandes colecciones de arte histórico, procedentes de los 1.800 yacimientos arqueológicos que rodean la ciudad, donde destacaban los restos obtenidos de las ciudades asirias de Nimrud y Nínive. Había en el Museo estatuas de los reyes asirios, una colección de leones o toros alados, bajorrelieves y frisos mostrando actividades de la vida cotidiana, como la caza, y una gran estatua de Lammasu, su dios protector, con cuerpo de león o toro, alas de águila y cabeza humana. En Londres ya se han detectado la llegada de un centenar de pequeñas piezas, monedas cerámicas y cristales, saqueadas en Siria por los yihadistas. Siempre existirán coleccionistas capaces de comprar el material rapiñado, justificándose en que “si no lo compro yo, lo hará otro”.

Pero, todos esos objetos fueron recogidos, preservados y atesorados desde los inicios de la historia escrita por los sucesivos habitantes de la “gran Mesopotamia” y la “gran Siria”. Que fueron islamizadas desde el principio, al conquistar los musulmanes el imperio sasánida hacia el año 644. Entre esos pobladores se incluyen a los musulmanes primitivos, los píos antecesores del Islam, los ejemplos a seguir por el Islam de pro, arraigo y ortodoxia. Que son los modelos que presumen imitar y continuar los yihadistas salafistas de todas las épocas. Y que comprenden al “grupo de los ancestros”, formado por el Profeta, sus compañeros y los 4 primeros califas sunníes, conocidos como los Rashidun o los “rectamente guiados por Dios”. ¿Cómo se atreven a intentar destruir lo que ellos preservaron? Armados con martillos y mazas de obra y de sierras radiales y vestidos de mamarrachos, trabajando con afán, todos hemos visto los vídeos distribuidos por ellos, para anunciar sus hazanas y atemorizar al personal ajeno, en las noticias de los telediarios.


Los lugares más afectados, situados en los alrededores de Mosúl, fueron las ruinas de la ciudad asiria de Dur Sharrukin, Nínive, Nimrud y Hatra, la capital del reino de los partos entre el 247 y el 226 a.C. Ésta fue declarada Patrimonio de la Humanidad y está incluida desde 2.010 en el listado de sitios culturales en peligro de extinción por el Fondo del Patrimonio Mundial, debido a los saqueos y la falta de protección del gobierno iraquí. Impotente, el gobierno de Irak pidió al Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU el viernes 6 de marzo, ayuda para conservar todo este patrimonio histórico de la humanidad, atacado impunemente por el EI. Es de señalar que Nimrud está a mitad de camino entre Mosúl, abandonada también a la desesperada por los peshmergas kurdos iraquíes, cuando el EI la atacó a primeros de junio pasado y Erbil, la capital de éstos. Y en ningún momento los guerreros kurdos intentaron contraatacar a estas cuadrillas escoltadas de demoledores del EI. Se ve también que el general James Terry y su expedición estadounidense para la formación del ejército de Irak, que llegó en noviembre de 2.014, van con algún retraso en sus misiones. ¡Qué fácil se motivan, entrenan y combaten los muyahidines de al-Baghdadi! También, el legado cristiano de Mosúl fue blanco, hace meses, de los descerebrados de Allah. Que atacaron las catedrales caldea y ortodoxa siria de Mosul, dos símbolos fundamentales de la herencia cristiana asiria. Y el EISL reemplazó inmediatamente las cruces del exterior de los templos por sus banderas negras con la shahada.

En paralelo y sin solución de continuidad, los alucinados yihadistas se han lanzado también durante el mes de febrero de 2.015 sobre las bibliotecas de Mosúl, la tercera ciudad de Irak (la segunda es Basora, con casi 4 millones de habitantes) y la más importante en poder del EI. Para ellos, para libros ya tienen el Noble Corán. Y los demás textos son creaciones de la mente humana, ajenas a Allah. Primero, fue saqueada la Biblioteca Central de Mosúl, de donde sacaron de los estantes entre 2 mil y 8 mil libros (según las distintas fuentes fidedignas que nos informan) y se los llevaron en una docena de vehículos y camionetas abiertas. En las estanterías principales sólo quedaron textos islámicos. Tras el robo, los yihadistas demolieron con explosivos parte del edificio principal de este templo del saber, como para condenarlo por su actividad e inutilizarlo para ese uso infiel. Luego, asaltaron la biblioteca de la Universidad de Mosúl, donde quemaron centenares de libros profanos al uso (ciencia, filosofía, literatura), delante de sus alumnos, convocados para el aquelarre. También fueron objeto de expolio otras conocidas bibliotecas de la ciudad, como la de la Iglesia Latina o la del Monasterio de los Frailes Dominicos, cuyos libros también fueron retirados sin destruir, en vehículos. Los textos universitarios eran de uso común y estaban sobados, pero los otros escritos rapiñados son de mayor valor y están destinados al mercadeo con compradores internacionales venales. Un responsable de bibliotecas en Mosúl calculó que las pérdidas y los robos afectaron a más de 112 mil libros y manuscritos conservados en ellas.

Todos quieren ser “Estado Islámico”.

Aunque sin tener la unidad operativa de las fuerzas irregulares del EISL en los territorios de Siria e Irak, en otros países del avispero musulmán de Asia del Suroeste y del Magreb han surgido espontáneas y emotivas adhesiones regionales al primer Califato sunní del tercer milenio. Al carecer de unidad de acción militar operativa, se trata de unas “vinculaciones ideológico emotivas”, surgidas del afán de pertenecer a algo más que a una red terrorista difusa y profusa, con mandos lejanos y sin los pies en la tierra árabe inmediata y desértica, como es al-Qaida.

En Libia, desgarrada casi irreversiblemente entre los cientos de tribus locales, regionales y semi nómadas, desparramadas por sus 1.760 mil Km2. de superficie, existen 2 grandes facciones enemigas que se disputaban el favor de aquéllas y que estaban estancadas operativamente. En Tobruk, en la Cirenaica, reside el gobierno libio reconocido por la comunidad internacional y apoyado por Egipto y Arabia Saudí. Y en Trípoli, que la ocupó en agosto de 2.014, está el gobierno “rebelde” de la coalición Amanecer Libio, con fuerte presencia islamista, que niega una y otra vez tener vínculos con al-Qaida, y al que apoyan Qatar y Turquía. Y éste es el humus primigenio, el caldo de cultivo, el terreno abonado donde una y otra vez vemos que aparece y prospera el ponzoñoso virus hediondo y purulento de los yihadistas salafistas: el caos y la fractura sociales.

Así, el miércoles 18 de febrero, el EI apadrinado local ocupó la importante ciudad de Sirte, situada en el golfo de su nombre, entre Trípoli y Bengasi, la capital de la Cirenaica. Sirte es también la ciudad natal de Muammar al-Gaddafi (el Mahdi libio), cuya muerte hace 4 años inició la descomposición y el enfrentamiento total en el país. Para celebrarlo, los yihadistas, que aquí no son bombardeados por la Coalición de los 60 de Obama, realizaron un imponente desfile de triunfo y fuerza. Cientos de yihadistas y simpatizantes realizaron una exhibición de poderío por las calles de la ciudad, donde desfilaron los “batallones” de su infantería y decenas de vehículos ligeros artillados de transporte de muyaidines (tipo, furgoneta ligera abierta), que fueron acompañados y saludados entre vítores y aclamaciones por los habitantes durante su recorrido por la ciudad. El gobierno de Tobruk no reaccionó ante estos hechos y el “rebelde” se limitó a hacer avanzar hacia Sirte, sin otras intenciones, a la “brigada” de Misrata, al noroeste de Sirte. Así, el EI versión libia ha conseguido izar su bandera negra en Sirte, en Derna, un pueblo de pescadores de 50 mil habitantes de la Cirenaica, donde sus milicias tribales juraron ya lealtad a al-Baghdadi, y en otros enclaves menores del este del país, donde comenzaba a aparecer en fuerza.

En Nigeria, los jefes de lucha de Boko Haram suelen ser los jefecillos familiares o tribales, sus arráeces locales. Actúan formando un “enjambre” de pequeñas unidades que actúan simultánea o sucesivamente, coordinadas por un “jefe del combate”. Este carácter primitivo, tribal, “suelto”, hace que entre los jefes regionales existan rivalidades, que impiden una integración vertical de los terroristas. Sus tácticas y técnicas son: toda clase de emboscadas; el hostigamiento a cierta distancia de unidades en marcha y guarniciones; la liquidación de centinelas y pequeñas patrullas; el acoso a las líneas de abastecimiento y comunicación de los militares y las fuerzas locales de autodefensa; los golpes de mano contra pequeñas guarniciones; la captura de rehenes de todas clases con variados objetivos: ejecutarlos, venderlos, incorporarlos a sus filas, obtener el precio de rescate; la ejecución o la mutilación de enemigos o elementos que estorban a sus fines: periodistas, colaboradores de organizaciones extranjeras, autoridades locales, religiosos. Se aprovechan al máximo de su conocimiento de los terrenos, de su alta movilidad, del apoyo de las gentes y de su capacidad natural de lucha. Estas bandas planean siempre su retirada desde las zonas de actuación, porque, aunque son fanáticos y no les importa demasiado morir, no está en sus metas el inmolarse deliberadamente por la causa.


Shekau, llamado el Ben Laden negro, es un tipo controvertido a los ojos de los occidentales, incluido su propio nombre, Abu Baker Shekau, porque los suyos le llaman Darul Tawhid. Nació hace unos 40 años en la amplia zona comprendida entre el sur de Níger y el noreste de Nigeria. No se conoce su formación, pero sabe el Corán y habla las lenguas tribales de la zona (kanuri, fula, hausa y árabe) donde la banda terrorista opera. Usa con soltura los resortes de la propaganda y el miedo. Repite los golpes teatrales de Bin Laden (levantar el dedo en señal de amenaza hacia las cámaras, a sus cinevidentes) y monta una igual escenificación (banderas negras, kalashnikovs y coranes) en sus apariciones a los medios enemigos. Una de sus declaraciones estrella la hizo en un vídeo tomado después de matar a 180 personas en 2012: «Disfruto matando a cualquiera que Dios me ordene matar, igual que disfruto matando gallinas y carneros». Se dice que es solitario, introspectivo y cruel. Y es desconfiado hasta con sus propios hombres. Vive protegido por un grupo de fieles allegados, al estilo de Ben Laden, y permanece alejado del grueso del grupo. Siempre, en estos mandos principales más o menos perseguidos, se desarrolla inevitablemente la paranoia, la cual termina alterando sus funciones cognitivas y emocionales. Una de las cuatro esposas de Mohamed Yusuf, ejecutado en una comisaría en 2.009, que fue su antecesor y el fundador de Boko Haram, se ha vuelto a casar con Shekau según la inteligencia nigeriana. Tampoco se conoce quién le financia. No sólo es un misterio para Occidente, sino para muchos de sus conmilitones sectarios. Se le dió por muerto en 2009, 2012 , 2013 y 2.014, pero las informaciones eran incorrectas. Tiene una herida de bala, ya recuperada, en la pierna. Ahora sólo sale al exterior los días nublados, para evitar que lo localicen los drones o los satélites espías. Los EEUU ofrecen $7 millones por la información relevante que conduzca a capturarle.

En un salto cualitativo en sus actividades terroristas, Boko Haram secuestró a mediados de abril de 2.014 a 270 niñas nigerianas de una escuela de Chibok, al noroeste de Nigeria, cuyo paradero es aún ignoto. Estos rebeldes fanatizados se llaman a sí mismos “los discípulos del Profeta para la propagación del Islam y la Yihad”, que expresan “Jama’atu Ahlis-Sunnah Lidda’awati Wal Jihad”. «Boko Haram es una amenaza grave para África y para Europa. Su voluntad es desestabilizar el norte de Nigeria, los países vecinos y toda la región», declaró François Hollande en la reunión de alto nivel, celebrada en París el sábado 17 de mayo de 2.014, con motivo de la escalada terrorista. «Boko Haram ya no es un grupo local, sino que está claramente operando como un brazo de al-Qaida en el centro de África. Sin la ayuda de todos los países del oeste africano nunca podremos vencerle», declaró, a su vez, el presidente nigeriano Goodluck Jonathan. El gobierno nigeriano cuenta con 20 mil soldados, aviones y unidades de inteligencia desplegadas en el noreste del país donde Boko Haram es más activo. Pero, “esas tropas no están preparadas para enfrentarse a un grupo armado de esas características”, indicó el ministro británico de Asuntos Exteriores, William Hague. Nigeria y sus vecinos Camerún, Chad y Níger realizan “patrullas coordinadas” para buscar desaparecidos y rehenes y controlar el tráfico de armas, en el marco de la Comisión de la Cuenca del Lago Chad.

Tres artefactos estallaron en la ciudad de Maiduguri, al noreste de Nigeria, el sábado 7 de marzo de 2.015. Fue el peor ataque a la ciudad realizado por militantes de Boko Haram, que tratan de ocupar la población desde fines de enero. Se confirma que se han producido unos 58 muertos y 139 heridos en las explosiones que conmocionaron la ciudad. Tan cruel como al-Baghdadi, pero más histriónico y colocado que él, Abu Baker Shekau ha aprovechado esta ocasión y los méritos consiguientes, para declararse súbdito del Estado Islámico el domingo día 8 de marzo. ‘Baya’ al califa de los musulmanes, proclamó Shekau en una grabación en árabe. La ‘baya’ es el voto de lealtad y sometimiento a una autoridad religiosa y política islámica. Y varios grupos islamistas, pero menores, de todo el mundo han prestado ya su juramento de lealtad al califa del EI.






The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, nevertheless, has created his bases, from the beginning of his existence, next to his enemies and accessible to them. And they have not been attacked in force and disturbed by the shameful military disabilities of their regional enemies. And al-Baghdadi knew this and he has very well valued it, on having decided to create them this way, with a fine leader «command correct sense» and of the state strategy. Colonel C. M. Woodhouse established that «the art of defeating the guerrillas is the art of getting the people in opposition to them». And in the desert lands of the Islamic State is not necessary to establish how this can be achieved. Already al-Baghdadi is in charge of it, with a zeal worthy of better cause, to make enemies to the death with all that are not of his group or of his pleasure. So now, only motivated, trained and equipped men are absent to do a laborious, but not difficult mission… Already we have seen it. Will they be found by the Iraqis, the Syrians and the air Coalition of 60 countries?

Exemplary and Triumphant Counterguerrilla Campaigns.

In 1.948 the communist Greek guerrilla, in full world postwar period, were on the verge of forming forces semiregulars to openly attack the government. They also wanted to extend the “Steel Curtain” to the South-East of Europe. Their military, not decisive and badly interpreted successes, according to the correlation of forces and the strategic opportunity of the revolutionary communist process, decided them to already face the National Greek Army and to beat it. As did Mao, at the right moment of the Chinese civil war. This way, the Democratic Army of Greece (the DSE or Dimokratikos Stratos Ellados) congregated great part of his guerrilla detachments, which were spreading as a rosary from north to south over Greece, from the Peloponnese up to Macedonia, in the East, to form «regular» units, to which they called «brigades» and «divisions». But this «regular» rebel force, with 12-15 thousand militants, was only the tenth part of the Greek army. Their permanent or temporal bases were allowing them to realize sudden attacks, assaults and ambushes against the governmental authorities, policemen and military men. But, far from them, the bands were lacking sufficient supplies and popular supports for their operations. On the other hand, the guerrilla principal bases, placed in the zone of Vitsi and Grammos, at the northwest of the country, near the border with Yugoslavia, were vital for the revolutionaries for the receipt of the logistic support from this country.


A Greek Army patrol sweeping in search of Communist guerrillas.

But they were constituting some orthodox, tangible and attainable targets for the heavy fire and the military force at the disposal of Greece. For this time, the break of Titus with Stalin and the Komintern was total and irreversible. And Titus already was not interested in promoting in the neighboring country a revolution that would derive towards “not revisionist positions”. The principal Yugoslavian faucet was closed and immediately afterwards Albania and Bulgaria also stopped their minor helps. Presented this way the clash, in a month of orthodox operations of march, assault, siege and annihilation, the Greek forces advised and supported by the British and with the military help of American material, occupied the mountainous zone of those guerrilla essential bases, in August of 1.949. That constituted a conventional, hard and definite aim, which had to be defended by the Popular Red «army». With it the Greek democrats stemmed definitively a communist insurrection of «national liberation», which was extending, insoluble and menacing, to a civil war from 1.945.

At the end of World War II, the British awarded Chin Peng the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his heroics in leading guerrillas against the Japanese. He became the leader of the Communist Party of Malaya.

The first attempts of the Malay guerrillas to create bases and establish in them the communist administration were in 1.945. The irregulars of the so called Army of the Malay People went out of the refuge of the jungles, where they were hiding of the Imperial Japanese Army. In 1.948 they initiated the military revolt against the British, establishing in isolated communities of Chinese colonists, seated in Malaya. The communists were expecting to attract to their cause the workers of the mines, plantations and estates and extending this way their bases. But their political propaganda was not tuned with the people in general. And, specially, with the not Chinese community, which was the great majority of the Malays. The general Henry Briggs took advantage of their weaknesses and attacked the lines of supply, preventing them from creating big detachments and forcing them to be dispersed. Briggs was possessing battalions of Gurkhas, of Malays, of British and of Chinese and soon realized that these units were too much heavy to operate against the bands. And with a part of them he formed platoons and companies of “guerrillas hunters”. That were penetrating in the surrounding jungles, were living on the ground, were gathering information of all kinds and were scourging, ambushing and attacking to the communist groups.



And his successor, the general Gerald Templer systematicly attacked them, and they already could not consolidated in any place. This way, the Chinese Malay communists never overcame the primitive stage of stray persecuted guerrillas and only could use the isolated assaults as principal tactics. The tenacity and the patience of the British, who did not propose to prevent them from creating directly bases, but to methodically destroy them, rooted out the guerrillas of the inhabited zones and thrown them again to the jungle and, finally, to the surrender. The following pacification of the infected zones by the communist bands, realized with firmness and consideration, with a strong fist sheathed in a velvet glove, consolidated the support of their habitants to the Greek government. The revolt was definitively suffocated in 1.955. The local communists wanted to imitate Mao and to fight an irregular protracted war. But they lacked two strategic means for get it: enough popular support and stable bases.