In the 376 A.D:, the Goths crossed the Eastern “limes” of the Roman Empire and they sheltered in his oriental territories. They were coming pushed by warriors furthermore fierce than they: the riders of the Asian steppes, the nomads of the yurgas and the compound arch, the Huns and also others, some Turkoman peoples from the Central Asia. Only two years later, on August 9, the Goths defeated the legions of the emperor Valente, which wanted to expel them from the Tracia, a territory that was approximately including the Bulgaria of today. In Adrianopolis died around 20 thousand of the 30 thousand Roman infantry men, including Valente. It was the major defeat of Rome since about 369 years ago. And the Goths settled themselves definitively in these territories.


Only 98 years later, in the 476, the Roman army of Romulus Augustulo was squashed by the Ostrogoths. That established his kingdom in Italy, the south of the Galia and approximately Yugoslavia. The barbarian excused the life to Romulus Augústulo, so much was the incompetence that he was transmitting. Augustulo was the pejorative «small august». This brought the inexorable fall of the Roman empire and the expansion of the Gothic tribes for his western lands, towards Roman Spain, the Galia and Italy.

Today, another army of beasts pushes towards our lands, from the Middle East, some political «refugees» from Arabic tribes. On having been chased and harassed in the civil wars in their living countries, our laws give them this generous «political status». That was thought in his origin to protect and receive individuals and select groups from the countries of the world with dictatorships, that call at our doors. But it happens that these emigrants are not so threatened, not enough driven to despair to look for welcome and protection in the Moslem bordering countries with theirs: Saudi Arabia, Iran, the Persian Gulf States.

In 2015, Europe generously received one million two hundred and fifty thousand refugees, according to the information given by ACNUR and other sources generally well informed. The last European countries that have had to establish a some minimal conditions of entry to canalize and repress this flooding flow of anonymous persons, anxious to enter in close contact with us, has been Sweden and Denmark. The protocol of Dublin, which determines that a refugee must be administratively registered in the first country of the European Union where it requests this «status», is being partly respected again. To assure and preserve this way the intraeuropean Schengen space, one of the fundamental rights of this Union.

This massive, overflowing and relarge reception of «political refugees», was sold to the Europeans by the sentimentality, with innumerable images of corpses dispersed in the beaches of our Mediterranean coasts. And it is not that our politicians were thinking more than us about the human solidarity. But in the safeguard of the supranational procedure of asylum, which they had approved. And that in the first test that it was suffering, was jumping over the airs for inapplicable. Already circa the 5th century of our age, it was speaking about the cristopteros. Those crooks of the High Middle Age who were living abusing the caritas, the charity, which characterizes the Christianity in his social action.

In this year of the Mercy for the Catholics, some European clergymen have asked for the generous and almost indiscriminate reception of the emigrants from the East. But the evangelical message must be taken and assumed in its entirety. And not as the salafists jihadists do with the Noble Koran, using, only and with great vehemence, the aleyas or verses that are favorable to them. This way, it also was said: «do not give your pearls to the porks, it is not on that, trampling, re-turn against you and destroy you». For very much oriental and ancient literary style used, Mateo’s 7, 6 phrase, looks as a verse adapted to mention it now. And, as for the mute clergymen, that usually do not have read a book since their ordinaton: «the senseless one (or fool) uselessly searches for the wisdom» Proverbs, 14, 7. Let’s see what an Indian commentator has just said at the end of 2015: «We have (in India) around 13 million (sic) Muslims. Ten centuries ago they have come to India. Since then, none has converted to the Hinduism». The majority of the Indian Muslims live now in Pakistan and Bangladesh (ex-Pakistan of the East). It is necessary to remember that the Hindu pantheon is polytheistic. But the above mentioned thing is an affirmation and an evidence from third parties, that the Muslims are, in general, refractory to the conversions to other religions. And this apostasy is punished with the death in the Islam.

Curiously, Abu Baker al-Bagdadi threatened us some months ago, saying: «Europe will be invaded by a wave of emigrants…» He did not want to clarify nothing more. It was forming part of his putting in a histrionic and indefinite scene. Was he speaking about the political emigrants pushed by his mujahidins, who look for refuge here? Was it about of the hallucinated European jihadists by the Islamic State, which were coming back to his countries?  To act as «furious teams» over the almost infinite targets that offer the modern and free societies to the raging caprice of a few irrecoverable beasts: shopping malls, schools, institutes, universities, unfaithful churches, stores, urban open spaces, etc.

This “common refugees”, as centuries ago the Goths did, look for the comfort, the fecundity and the recreation of our lands. And they implicitly search to take over of them, passing a time. Because his civilization is radically different from ours. And because they want for our lands, markets and granaries. But they do not wish in any way to assume our beliefs and our permanent values. That are those who shape and keep our western Christian civilization.


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