About the Author

Enrique Alonso was born in Havana. After the establishment of the communist regime he moved to Spain, graduating in Chemical Sciences in the University of Oviedo. He is graduated by the Complutensian University in Oil Chemistry and Technology (two courses) and in Logistics by the Madrid Chamber of Trade (a course).

He has realized his professional labor during more than 35 years in REPSOL and previous group companies, absorbed later. His work centred on the lubricants research (in Madrid’s Company Research Center), the Commercial area and the lubricants logistics (approximately 100 thousand Tm. a year of bulk and packed products, with a total budget of approximately 1000 million pesetas.

He has been a collaborator of «Pueblo» newspaper in the decade of the 80. And, through EFE news agency, of diverse Spanish and Spanish-American newspapers in military and international politics topics. Nowadays, he was a permanent collaborator of the Spanish magazine «War Heat International».

He is author of the «Operation Elephant» novel, published in 1982, which treats meticulously and extensively of the operations and tactics of the guerrilla and counter guerrilla war in the Agostinho Neto’s prosoviet socialist Angola, supported from 1975 by Cuban troops.

In 2005 published in English the essay «On the Nature of War», which is a theory of the war based on the development and the practical application of 10 «operational systems».

In the Enlaces section you can see information on the current offer of these books.

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