The Errors and Failures of the Russian Army in Ukraine.

The Parameters determining Efficiency in modern warfare.

Essential Introduction.

This is not, obviously, a Treatise on the Determining Parameters of Military Effectiveness. Nor is it a Study of the Principles or Operational Systems of War. About which, you have at your disposal enough articles on this Website, which you are consulting now.

It is about making a Brief explanation of the Characteristics of these Determining parameters. That they must always work in Harmony and Cohesion.

So that, with this description at hand, you can easily define and know the Failures and Errors committed by the Units in their most dangerous Job: War.

Doctrine and Regulations.

They must define and transmit the What and the How of the units and means in the war against the various possible enemies.

And, they must do it in a broad, clear, creative, stimulating, flexible, participatory and decisive way.

Logistic chain.

Organizes and distributes the military means to units. It could also participate in its acquisition. Generally includes health services.

It must be close; with various own means: long-distance and distribution transport, warehouses or centers or kitchens at various levels of action and control and computerized means; informed, farsighted, proactive, organized and sufficient.

The Executioner Trilogy.

Arms and services units.

That they can integrate Tactical and Operational Groups of Combined Arms. That they will be understanded each other, interpenetrated, trained and also jointly, that they provide mutual support and a synergy of effects and that they have mutual respect.

Commands. Officers.

They must be willing, empathic, educated, trained, motivated, resolute, responsible and patient.

NCO Corps.

The NCO must be close, trained, specific, capable, educated, loyal to the commands, soldiers and units.

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