The North Korean Attack on Yeonpyeong.

Or The Paranoia of a Communist Dynastic Regime and Closed Within Itself.

The Facts.

On Tuesday, November, 24 at 14:34 local time, the North Koreans began to beat with heavy fire the military base of the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong, approximately 7 Km2. Pyongyang was accusing the South Korean Army of initiating the exchange of fire during the military maneuvers that it realizes at the west of Inchon. South Korea admitted that his Army used real heavy fire from the mentioned island. But he assured that they were shooting towards the west, deep in the Yellow Sea, and not towards the north, the zone of the nearby maritime border between both Koreas. The South Koreans answered to the assault and the exchange of shots extended for more than 2 hours. The more than one hundred North Korean‘s shots received, produced the death of 2 marines and 2 South Korean civilians and hurt other 16 marines and 4 civilians.

Pressed by the public opinion and the Deputies, who were claiming a major forcefulness and rapidity in the military response to the North Koreans, on Thursday, the 26th, the South Korean Defense Secretary Kim Tae-young resigned. This poor fellow already offered his resignation in May, after the critiques of weakness for the sinking in March, 2010 of the Navy ship “Cheonan”, for which also Pyongyang was blamed. The Americans will take part in these maneuvers from Sunday, 28. And have moved from Yokosuka, south of Tokyo, to the Yellow sea, the «combat group» of the aircraft carrier with nuclear propulsion “George Washington”, of 99 thousand Tm. of displacement, with 6000 crew members and 90 diverse aircraft. It is escorted by 2 light cruises (more than 9500 Tm.) and 2 heavy destroyers (with 9000 Tm. of displacement), all «rocket launchers», types SS, SA and antisubmarine. At suggestion from China, last year, these habitual maneuvers were realized in the Japan sea and not in the Yellow sea, to not irritate Pyongyang. China warns now again that «maneuvers must not be realized without his permission, in his zone of economic influence». But, was it going to risk his economic prosperity without precedents, acting as the «factory» of the world? Would not be better and easier to «control» the lucid Kim Jong-Il?

The Interpretations.

The incident lacks strategic depth and transcendence. And it arises from the North Korean political thought of winning and keeping the initiative. And always presenting a homogeneous, centralized and monolithic structure, without fissures (without «exposed flanks»), in the face of a «perceived» enemy. So, the order to open fire had to depart from the North Korean Defense Council and from the Supreme one. And it connects with the psychological origin of the incident, which is in the nature of the North Korean regime. This directs a social closed within itself system, that perceives the exterior as a threat. And without having the sufficient «social empathy» that allows them to balance and modular the reality distorted ideas, and to reject them before they nest and develop. This way, the North Korean leaders easily perceive a real threat, where only there is a foreign normal action, but different from theirs.

These erroneous obsessive ideas are active and feed backing. This way there is developing a whole mental complicated system of delirious primary and derivative ideas, which torment, determine and guide the affected ones. His mental, deep and driving roots are in the universal instincts of the dread, the losses and the survival.

You can see a very more extensive study on the North Korean system in my work titled “Las Amenazas de Corea del Norte a la Paz”, in this web page.