The Great War of the Islam II.



The Separated Conflicting Brothers.

The shiite schism was trying to snatch the majority of the Muslims, followers of the Tradition, the legitimacy of Mohammed’s legacy. In it were included the concepts of the legitimate origin, of the social and military direction, of the religious control and development and of the organizational and social perspectives of the Islam. The sunnis have the political religious control of the Umma in the caliphate and his emirs and representatives sheikhs, who were advised and supported by prepared pious ulemas and mufties.

The chiíes, to get and support their survival, rested the political power, the direction of their great strategy or national strategy and the religious conduction, in the «clerical caste», as intermediaries favored between the faithfuls and Allah. This keeps their believers firmly joined concerning their unique and monitored interpretation of the Koran. Though they have an ideological and social projection towards the future: it is the liberating, severe and maker return of the Mahdi, personified in his twelfth missing Imam (in the year 874), that has not died. But this is the social and psychological need of the recovery, consolidation and exaltation of the established original order, which was disturbed by the sunnis, and a prize, the peace and the luck for the orthodox believers (they) before the God’s Final Judgment.

The evolution of the Jihad towards the “personal submissiveness effort towards Allah: The real Islam”.

Before their own terrorism, so much centrifugal (against the unfaithful persons and the lay traitors) as centripetal (against the schismatic Muslims), the Islamic world is paralyzed and do not know what to say or to do. Terrorism are the collective or personal actions of war against «general, innocent and indiscriminate goals «, so much of the unfaithful persons or idolaters, as of the «separated conflicting brothers». Looking with them to extend the terror within the affected groups and to provoke political, religious or social changes in them. It is the blackmail of the terror, elaborated with long goings to and fro, which looks, with the «waves of commotion» that transmits to the attacked social groups, optimizing to the maximum the effect of his tactical and generally spasmodic actions.

The majority of the Muslims move away from the attacks for opportunism, to protect the Islam, worried by the increasing rejection that it suffers in Western countries. Their spokesmen and intellectual affirm that the Islam is peace and tolerance. But this is not totally true. In addition, and this is more serious, the ulemas and muftíes that favor the «compassionate and merciful interpretation» of the Koran do not present solid arguments against the verses favorable to the Jihad. Which are use efficiently and imperiously by the armed radicals. That are those who give course and support to the «belligerent terrorist hackneyed Jihad misinterpretation».

Never was carried out inside the Islam a deep reflection about the political and religious opportunity of the violence. It is not the case that the intellectual laymen Muslim react. They are not operative in the way that we know in the West. As for a good Muslim the politics, the society and the religion form an only, exclusive and inseparable trinity established by Allah. Besides, the social and political failure of the intellectual laymen Arabs remains tied with that of the nationalistic, leftist and Europeanized elites, that stimulated the independence of the different Arabic nations after the World War II.

The Jihad was necessary for the establishment and the defense of the believers’ primitive community, the Prophet establishing the Islamic state from the violent destruction of the jahiliyya (the existing barbarism previous to the Arabic Islam). And even the Jihad could be useful for its rapid extension through the world, according with the existing condition of culture and development of the medieval civilizations. But its historical opportunity does not exist nowadays. And then it must be replaced for another type of personal effort in Allah’s way». Which concept already exists in the Sunna and that might be recaptured and proclaimed by the ulemas and the pious muftis, which are the ideologists of the real and everlasting Islam. And, certainly, these enjoy the most ample political, social and economic independence: they are respected and/or fearsome by the governments in their respective countries, and are usually those who administer the Zakat or the canonical alms.

Difficulties for the Reunion of the conflicting Communities.

A fundamental problem for a sincere and stable approximation of the «sisters conflicting communities» constitute the concepts of the legitimate origin of the command, of the control and development of the «dogma and morality» and of the immense economic politician religious structures, alive and with own interests, created by both expressions of the Islam, almost from his beginning. Another serious origin of damages and irreconcilable distancing, especially at national level, are the forms of violent fights between both beliefs. When they attack between themselves, they try to damage the utmost, coming up to the intimacy of the kinship. And this way the targets are looked in the mosques, markets, peregrinations, concentrations and in the frequent or in mass movements of the peoples. Places where there usually are members of the same family. It is the uncontrolled violence and taken to her unnecessary, immodest, insanity and paradoxical (do not they practice the same religion?) social limits. Between the clans and tribes, only ethnically speaking, this wave of murders, outrages and hurts in the goods, always generates an “intergenerational chain” of “unavoidable vindications” for the assaults, the reprisals and the «blood offenses» suffered. This essential and indestructible Gordian knot, for what it seems, only can be cut by the sword of the generosity, the altruism (looking not what we «lack», but looking forward in communion and construction) and the pardon, which should be more attainable between a confession brothers.

At the end of the Middle East is the shiite antiwestern theocracy of the ayatollahs. These, when want important and rapid results against his neighbors, use commands or units of the Republican Guard. That can train, equip and support his allies of Syria and Iraq. And that are capable of fighting at the near and of assault distances, as a specially trained light infantry, and better than the normal units of the Western armies. These armies always use and need to attack the support of their heavy fire. The Republican Guard is overlapped in the regime, forming the unconditional and effective military wing of the Islamic Republic of Iran, acting like modern «Immortal of the Shas of Persia». She, as the Egyptian military, possess an own economic very wide support. That guarantees her the operational independence and rewards generously her dedication and loyalty in the fulfillment of her tasks and missions. The regime shiite is taken root in a complex of councils, boards and assemblies, designed, created and organized to assure, keep and perpetuate his oligarch social religious functioning. But the regime is unable to develop modern and economically a country with the resources and the demographic exuberance of the Iranians. Iran is a Great Shiite Island, with his archipelago, placed in an enormous Sunni Ocean. That embraces her, from the west to the east, through all her south, from Turkey to Pakistan, passing for Afghanistan, Arabia, Jordan, Palestine. Her «islands and adjacent capes» are The Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Bahrain; having more strength in Iraq and The Lebanon. The results of the so called «Arabic spring» have not been favorable to the shiites, which are kept immersed in the sunni «hostile ocean». The «big seas» tributaries of that ocean are Egypt and Saudi Arabia, as principal protagonists and representatives of the sunnis. The former offers his strength and his demography and the later uses his economic exuberant capacity, to support and to extend the reason of the sunnis throughout. And the loss of the regime of the Assad in Syria not only will reduce a convenience ally, that not of religion, to Iran. As the Syrian alauis are really, «the heresy inside the heresy (shiite)», according to the sunnis. But it will obstruct very much all the logistics of the immense and strategic support to Hizbullah and to Hamas, in the Gaza strip. That is the form of expression of Iran of a «belligerency by third parties interposed» opposite to the West and his allies in the geostrategic zone. This is confirmed by the recent operational indefinite entry in the Syrian civil war of Hizbullah‘s regular militias in favor of the government, seeking to recover the progressive social wear of Assad’s regime.

What is crudely appearing at semi continental scale, in a most ample geostrategic zone, is a fight to the death between the shiites and sunnis for the political religious hegemonic power in the mentioned zone. Qom’s clerical gerontocracy is caressing the idea that, to nuclearly level the Israeli capital, would put them at the head of the Islam. The Islam that was big and powerful, according to them, when it carried out the Jihad. Also the Turks think that the Sublime Door only was prosperous and strong in the long periods of the Modern Age in which it faced the Europeans, for the control of the Mediterranean and the East Center Europe. Turkey, with almost 80 million habitants, can try to do a sunni «moderating paper» towards the Republic of Iran. The great operational problem for Turkey it is that she was the dominant power of the zone until less than a century ago. In addition, the Turks are not ethnically Arabic and their culture is different. Already Jomeini’s revolution gave an accolade to the shiites and an influence then unthinkable between the yearning, young and/or bellicose Muslims, including sunnis. There is a mesmeric attraction for the Iranian leaders, for «That» action would be the loud knock to the secret Mahdi. In order that he reappear and was putting at the head of his faithful shiites in the definitive victory of the Islam at the culmination of the History…